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The roof of a home is perhaps its most noticeable aspect and does more than just protect its inhabitants from heat and rain. The right roof can not only offer protection but also add to the home’s overall appeal.

If you believe the experts, a home’s roof makes up for one-third of the overall appeal of a home and can allow you to command high prices when you’re looking to sell it.

A poor roof installation can not only result in leaking and damaging your most important asset, but can also affect the look of your house and make it seem unattractive, to say the least.

At South Florida Roofing Group, we realize that every house is built differently and requires a different type of roof to stand out in its own unique way.

We take the time to listen to you and understand your needs and offer solutions based on your requirements. We provide you with the information and help you make up your mind in deciding which option to go for.

Here’s why working with us makes the Miami Residential Roofing process so much easier:

  • We respect your time and we’ll work around your schedule so that you’re not bothered at all. We’ll occupy minimum space and occupy minimum space so that you don’t experience any difficulty and can go about your life undisturbed.
  • There will be a manager present at all times to give you frequent updates of the progress. You can ask the manager anything and expect his full co-operation until the completion of the task.
  • We’ll present you with the best color combinations that suit your house and add to its overall appeal. Our experienced roofers understand the intricacies of design and color combinations on a very deep level. They’ll present you with references, if you ask, and present you with enough options to make an educated decision.
  • We’ll stick to a strict schedule and complete the job within the agreed time-frame. We maintain the highest level of professionalism and get the job done in time. We’ll give you the estimated time required when you contact us for a free consultation and wrap everything up within that time.
  • Highest quality solutions – South Florida Roofing Group. has set the industry standards and become the go-to name in the roofing industry in South Florida. We’ve built our reputation by setting high standards and meeting those standards, every time and that’s what you can expect from our professionals. Our adherence to quality is one of the reasons why people refer their friends and family to us for all roofing problems.

And you can expect the same; professionalism, honesty and quality solutions that last a lifetime.

Call us at 305-254-2424 or email us at to get your free no obligation quote. We’ll get in touch, evaluate your situation and give you an estimate on the very same day.