Hurricane Preparedness Tips


  1. Take multiple photo/ video of the existing roof system prior to the storms arrival.
  2. Make sure all drainage points are clear of obstructions.
  3. Remove all loose objects which are typically left behind by tradesmen.
  4. Purchase visqueen and cover outdoor valuables subject to rain and wind damage.
  5. Check the A/C condenser units on the roof to make sure they are secured.
  6. Check all exhaust and intake fan covers to make sure they are properly secured.
  7. Check all edge metals and flashings to make sure they are properly secured.
  8. Remove all skylight lenses and cover the opening with a metal curb cap cover if possible or ¾” plywood at a minimum and make sure the cover is properly attached to the curb.
  9. Contact your roofer and set-up a post hurricane inspection prior to a storm.
  10. Know a reputable commercial roofing contractor like Advanced Roofing and have agreement to do post-storm work. Have their contact information (i.e. Satellite phone number, address, and account manager)
  11. Wind Up-Lift Test (optional)
  12. Moisture Survey (optional)

Post Storm:

  1. Take multiple photos/ video of any damage which occurred for comparison with pre-storm shots.
  2. Contact your insurance company as soon as the storm passes if possible or as soon as communications become available.
  3. Do not attempt to temporarily seal your own roof system, wait for the professional roofing contractor.
  4. Do not attempt to remove downed power lines which may be lying across the roof or structure.
  5. Do not solicit unknown general contractors or roofers, especially those from other states.
  6. Do not give cash deposits or checks to unknown contractors.


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